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Canopy Lounge: The perfect business meeting destination

When you think of meeting places in Kuala Lumpur, it’s common to think only of the touristy side of this fantastic, bustling city. However as the business hub of Malaysia and a booming industrial and commercial city, Kuala Lumpur is equally important in the business sphere, and places like Canopy Lounge offer the perfect opportunity for businesspeople to meet, mingle and seal the deal in a convivial environment you’ll all enjoy.

Getting around when business is the mission

Fortunately for everyone, KL comes equipped with a wide-ranging and fairly efficient transport network to help you stay on time and in the loop. While general advice is to avoid unmetered, informal taxis, which can be predatory, there is a good formal network of taxis you can use in a pinch. However, it’s generally unnecessary- KL has a great public transport network. Buses can be found with ease, and a modern train network is in play within the city limits as well as connecting the city to the airport. Whether your regular base is in the city or you’re visiting for the purpose of business, you will be covered wherever your meeting place in KL may be.

Choose a convenient central spot for your meeting place in KL

It’s critical that your chosen meeting place in KL is convenient for everyone who will be attending the meeting. Fortunately, despite the sprawl of this massive city much of the business area is centralised in the area around the famous Petronas Towers, where you’ll find fashion, footwear, textiles, petroleum and technology all sharing space and expanding minds within just a few city blocks. Canopy Lounge is also conveniently located right alongside this district, with a magnificent view of the Petronas Towers from our classy rooftop terrace. Not only does this area offer superlative outdoor seating, but the calm, semi-private aspect of this area makes it great for serious discussion, too.

Beat the heat in beautiful Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur lies in the midst of a beautiful tropical basin, with a warm and humid climate and a mild monsoon season. While this is part of what contributes to the city’s beauty and mystique, it does lead to year-round hot temperatures that can get very muggy if you’re not used to the climate. While the thirty degree plus temperatures may not impinge totally when you are running from bustling conference room to busy boardroom, it certainly will the second you hit the street. Not the best weather to make a business suit look great!

Fortunately, intimate meeting places in KL, such as Canopy Lounge, offer the perfect way to blend a less formal setting [and catch some gorgeous views for once] with a cool, calm atmosphere that will still lend itself to appropriate business talk. The aircon ensures that temperatures never get out of hand, while the calm serenity of the outdoor seating areas lend a tranquil air to the proceedings to help you all stay level-headed and focused on the purpose of the meeting.

Finding the perfect niche to allow you to conduct your business in calm and quiet surrounding can be the key to a productive business lunch or dinner.

Keep the conversation- and the snacks- flowing

Another key component of a meaningful business meeting is keeping your mind sharp and your social skills sharper. A critical part of this is providing a welcoming table where everyone can enjoy and balance concentrating on the task at hand with socialising meaningfully. With a full menu and dessert bar open to you at Canopy, you can find something to tempt anyone’s palate. From quick finger-food snacks to tasty main courses and decadent treats, you’ll find what you need here.

Likewise, Canopy Lounge offers a comprehensive list of beer, spirits, wine and cocktails alongside a varied and vibrant mocktail menu that will allow those who don’t imbibe alcohol to enjoy the experience too. Start the day off with a cooling wine spritzer, or buy a round of beers for the table to set the mood.

While not appropriate for every business occasion, our special little meeting place in KL also offers a full-service VIP shisha lounge. If you believe a shared bowl would be a good way to celebrate the closing of a deal, or to treat your VIP client contacts, then you can also consider this option to add a special touch to the day. Our premium shisha blends off a smooth and fulfilling experience.

An eye to the ambience

While even the quaintest meeting place in KL can turn out to offer a great experience, there’s a lot to be said for great ambience. From elegant and sophisticated backdrops which help promote the right atmosphere for the conversation ahead to the service-oriented nature of the staff, picking the right spot can do a lot to influence your mind-set and boost your productivity. You will need a service team who are capable of offering you fast, efficient service while remaining discreet and not intruding on the privacy and flow of your meeting. We’re proud to offer that high level of service here at Canopy Lounge.

Canopy Lounge makes an excellent meeting place in Kl, perfectly geared towards the business lunch crowd and their individual character. Why not swing by today and get your reservation in place so we can more accurately meet your needs and sculpt your experience perfectly.

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