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How to Party in KLCC

Kuala Lumpur City Centre is among the world’s cities to party. KLCC nightlife is exhilarating, upbeat, sensational and memorable. Jalan Sultan Ismail and Ampang Road is the entertainment hub of the city and the neighborhood has so many exciting things you can to do to help you party into the night.

Here are some things you can do to have one of the most high energy nights in KLCC.

Party in KLCC (Nightlife)

5) Eat great food
Always start your party in KLCC with some food. You just won’t be able to go long into the night if you’re starving. (Food also helps you manage your drinks. We’ll get to that later.)

While Kuala Lumpur is known to have some of the best cuisine in the world, there are still plenty of dining options if you want a more exotic or western menu. For example, while the Canopy Lounge still has Indo-Chinese options, its menu still has a variety of dishes, including: burgers, pizzas, pastas, bratwursts, and the fan favorite, All American Platter.

4) Relax with shisha
Smoking shisha is a longstanding social activity that has persisted throughout the centuries. Traditionally, shisha is made from tobacco, but you can find many shisha lounges that have menus containing diverse flavours, with some orders containing of herbs or minced fruit.

Find a lounge that has a large menu. This ensures that everyone in your party will be able to find something they will enjoy.

3) Dance to great music
You have to have music. KLCC has some of the most talented DJs in Southeast Asia and many of the clubs and lounges in KLCC hire these artists for special events and nightly parties. You’ll find plenty of bars that will play the most popular hits from around the world to keep the atmosphere lively and upbeat.

2) Drink premium cocktails
Ordering cocktails and drinks is a must-do when partying. While it can be a simple bottle of beer, everyone knows that the party doesn’t get started until everyone gets a shot or a handcrafted cocktail!

While it’s important to find a bar with a great cocktail menu, the truly important part of having a great night is finding a bar that has an expert bartender. Only a true mixologist can help create the perfect cocktail that will fit your mood, taste, and occasion. If your favourite cocktail isn’t on the menu, your bartender should easily be able to create it for you!

1) Enjoy the view from a rooftop lounge
There’s no shortage of trendy clubs and lounges when you party in KLCC. However, some bars just have that extra something that makes the whole experience that much sweeter: rooftop views.

Kuala Lumpur is spectacular at night, especially with the gleaming Petronas Towers. While you might not be able to get a view from the towers, there are some rooftop bars and lounges in KLCC that get you pretty close.

Be A VIP and Make A Reservation
One of the best ways to party in KLCC is to get your very own VIP Lounge! You’ll get star treatment and a measure of privacy so you and your group can truly enjoy the KLCC nightlife. Make sure you secure your spot by making a reservation.

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