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Your guide to the best KL trip: Resources that put you in the know

Are you looking for the perfect resource to get the most from your Kuala Lumpur trip? Our team at Canopy Rooftop Lounge are well aware that the key to a perfect holiday starts with great planning…so today we’ve rounded up the top spots to get Kuala Lumpur information on the web, so you can rest assured your visit will be perfect!


Any list of Kuala Lumpur information that doesn’t start with Tripadvisor would be negligent. Springing from humble beginnings as a hotel review site well over a decade ago, it has risen to be considered the ‘Google’ of travel. Browse thousands of reviews, articles and insider-info written by people who have travelled to the country, and let their guidance help you choose the best activities for your stay.

There’s also a booking platform if anything catches your eye, although you can of course always book through the operator once you’ve done all the research on your Kuala Lumpur trip, and a forum full of fellow travellers you can get the low down from.

Curious as to where we are? You can see Canopy Lounge’s Tripadvisor reviews here.


Continuing on the review theme, we have TripExpert. While still a growing site, TripExpert has entered the arena with a laudable goal- ensure every review posted is accurate and real.  In the modern-day space where fake reviews can sometimes be an issue, this gives it impressive kudos and a fine degree of accuracy. At the moment it mainly caters for hotels rather than attractions and activities, but if you’re looking to find the perfect space to book in on your Kuala Lumpur Trip, this is one travel resource for KL you’ll want to be sure to check.

Looking for a hotel in Kuala Lumpur? Find TripExpert’s recommended KL hotels here

Everything you need to know about Kuala Lumpur, in one easy spot! When it comes to information on KL, this site has everything you need. From their fantastic top 10 lists to a great blog, this is a resource that will be invaluable to you throughout your KL trip. Because it’s focused on our beautiful city as a niche, you get tons more information on Kuala Lumpur then many other, broader-reaching travel sites are able to offer, so be sure to add this one to your favourites list for spur-of-the-moment plans too.

You can find our dedicated profile [and some awesome photos of the venue] on their site.

If you want to get the very basics under your belt, provides summaries of great destinations worldwide that will leave you armed with all the facts you need, from weather and great times to visit through to what to expect and must-see landmarks. It’s a great first-source of Kuala Lumpur information to leave you prepared for your trip to the city.

Find KL’s listing on here

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet have been the name of the travel guide game since the 70s, so there can be little wonder that they’re the name-of-the-game when it comes to information for your Kuala Lumpur trip. Lonely Planet are still the first port of call for print guidebooks, and their website offers a wealth of need-to-know information too. Inform and inspire yourself with their trusted content, from a wealth of experienced travellers who’ve done all the research work so you don’t have to.  With reliable experts from a wealth of travel backgrounds, you have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that everything they publish is the vetted truth. They also offer comprehensive forums to share with other travellers.

Find all the info on KL you could want from Lonely Planet here.

The brainchild of a New York Times best-selling Author, famous for the budget-travellers ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a day’, Nomadic Matt is a site designed to help you travel safer, cheaper, longer and better. Offering tested and proven travel advice and tips, it’s a great one-stop resource on how to plan your trip to Kuala Lumpur. Get money-saving tips, typical costs, things to see and do and even budget tips to make your cash stretch further. Not only is their a wealth of awesome information on KL, but there’s also a ton of general travel advice that will help any visitor make the most of their whole experience.

Find this quality resource for Kuala Lumpur information here


You’re probably surprised to see a social media platform make the list- but if you’re looking for restaurant reviews, or niche entertainment, there’s no better place to find the best then through hearing from other people who’ve enjoyed their experience. Track what’s hot and what’s not with their informative listicles, and find the perfect spot to eat, drink or have fun.

See the best places for shisha in Kuala Lumpur here

Forbes Travel Guide

Formerly the Mobil Guide, and like Lonely Planet, the Forbes Travel guide has long been a staple name in travel information. Working on a rating system, they provide the low-down on hotels, restaurants and spas in locations worldwide. In-depth, trusted and a reliable source of Kuala Lumpur information, be sure to check it out too.

Need to keep your pennies tightly pinched? Then is the ultimate guide for your Kuala Lumpur trip. Learn how to get around easily, the best routes to travel, top spots to stay and so much more with this handy website thoroughly designed to cater to the needs of a traveller on a budget.

Want to travel KL as light [on the pocket] as possible? Click here

There’s a wealth of solid resources our there to help you plan your Kuala Lumpur Trip perfectly- be sure to come say ‘Hi’ at Canopy Lounge while you’re here!

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